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Cog Racing

Like to welcome COG RACING to our servers …..

HIP-HOP Honours UK

The UK Hip Hop Honours Hall of Fame. New design and host EXITNET & OURDOT. Real UK & STATE SIDE ROYALTY.


Now Part of the Ourdot / Design by EXITNET. www.ross22.uk OurDot & Exitnet proud to be sponsors of this up and coming racer, one too watch for sure Ross Maguire Raceing 22 sponsored by OURDOT & EXITNET


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Dr John Butler

Creation by EXITNET Development by OURDOT. www.doctorjohnbutler.com

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Our new hosting services coming online soon …. Verbz www.dothosts.net part of OURDOT

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Mr Archers new website and domain/server setup.

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The Roach Media collective.